Cisco Data Center Blog

Multiple blog posts focusing on data center capacity management, energy efficiency, energy management and 3D Geospatial design tools used in Cisco-Google Collaborative Infrastructure Modeling (CIM) using SketchUp freeware.  The main focus of the guidance provided in this blog centers around issues between Facilities and IT planning, design and management as it relates to energy efficiency and process optimization.

Cisco EcoLibrium Blog

Founder and lead blogger of this blog focusing on energy management, Greenhouse Gas (GhG) reporting, corporate sustainability management, sustainability sciences and the application of Information Technologies to global environmental challenges.


IP-Enabled Energy Management: A Proven Strategy for Administering Energy as a Service

How to, do it yourself guide to establish energy management across multiple domains such as compute, network, and storage.  This book provides all the details needed to establish a new energy management system that leverages Internet Protocols (IP) to monitor and management the usage and utilization of power consuming devices typically found within corporate real estate.  This book provides the reader a roadmap based on real world implementations of next generation environmental management systems:

  • Consider energy in terms of risk, cost, and resource management
  • Gather raw data on where your company is now and set up benchmarking
  • Create strategies across multiple stakeholders and goals, including facilities, IT, security, and sustainability
  • Establish and administer energy domains
  • Review the basics of energy accounting, measure results, and set up reporting
  • See How to make your program sustainable and prepare for the future
Cisco on Cisco Case Study: Implementing Energy as a Service

A detailed case study and white paper on how Cisco implemented Energy as a Service to improve energy efficiency in Cisco lab operations to achieve greater than a 30% reduction in electrical costs

Kyoto Planet Sustainable Enterprise Report

Syndicated report providing a high level overview of how large enterprises can plan, design and implement sustainability into existing planning, operations and reporting systems

Mission Critical Magazine Article:  Cisco Saves by Improving Exhaust Recirculation

Contributed article focusing on the mechanical system optimization in data centers.  Primarily a facilities focused article but discusses the implications of higher density IT infrastructure on capacity management in mission critical environments

Future Facilities Case Study

Cisco-Future Facilities joint case study showing measured savings of 30% by improving energy efficiency through mechanical system modifications using Virtual Facility (VF) modeling tools

Uptime Institute

Data Center availability and energy efficiency resource focusing on Facilities and IT alignment in data center operations.  This presentation The Disrupted Data Center: Cloud, Cost, Capacity, Carbon focuses on the realities of implementing Energy as a Service in a data center operation

Cisco IT Expo

Annual Cisco event focusing on new technologies.  This presentation is from IT Expo, Turkey 2013 and goes through Cisco EnergyWise Optimization Services

APC-Schneider Electric and Cisco Solutions Overview

Overview and presentation of APC developed products specifically supporting energy management of Cisco products


Federal News Radio 1500 AM

Washington, DC based news radio program with a segment focused on IT innovation, GhG regulatory frameworks and US Federal Government emerging plans to improve energy efficiency for data centers.

Network World

On-line magazine showcasing latest developments in IT and networking technologies.  This interview focuses on the tenants of the Cisco Efficiency Assurance Program by Michael Morris.

Computer World

On-line magazine showcasing latest developments in IT and data center technologies and showcasing how energy efficiency has the most direct implications to direct cost savings as compared to other Green technologies.  Interview with Robert L. Mitchell

Data Center Knowledge: Building Cisco EnergyWise

On-line publication focusing on data center innovation with a long time focus on capacity management, virtualization, cloud and alignment between planning and design at multiple levels.  This interview is a video interview with Rich Miller

Data Center Knowledge: Green Data Center Panel Discussion

Discussion amongst peers at GigaOm Green:Net conference in San Francisco in 2009 going through IT as an enabler of improved monitoring, measurement and management of environmental and utilization data.

Data Center Dynamics

On-line B2B information provider providing data center related content and event hosting.  This discussion is for Data Center Facilities Managers and discusses the impacts of Virtual Machine (VM) provisioning and cloud based architectures on mechanical, electrical and spatial capacities.

eChannel News

Website dedicated to supporting systems integrators, vendors and technology professionals.  This article focuses on using Smart Power Distribution Units (PDU’s) in conjunction with Cisco EnergyWise to measure IT plug load.

Green Business eSummit

 Green 101: The Basics and Misconceptions of implementing sustainability and how to avoid “Greenwashing”

OpenGreen IT Policy focuses on implementing Green IT best practices and technologies in an open forum among technology and sustainability professionals

Grove Associates

Consultancy and communications agency serving the Silicon Valley technology community and focused on how Green IT can be implemented into mainstream accounting processes