A summary of work videos produced, directed, collaborated on and starring Rob.  Most of Rob’s work video’s can be found on his Green YouTube Channel.

IP-Enabled Energy Management

EnergyWise Optimization Services


Rob Aldrich and Tom Noonan discuss the partnership between Cisco and JouleX that led to Cisco acquiring the company in July of 2013.

The Vision


A good high-level marketing video that shows the vision behind EnergyWise.  This is a good video to share with executives who are unfamiliar with IP-Enabled Energy Management.

The Technology


Another video discussing the vision behind EnergyWise.  This one delves into the inter-networking elements of the technology.  These dashboards have yet to be released.

The Fundamentals


A great run through of what EnergyWise can do today.  This video goes into the taxonomy, domain structures and practical applications of the technology.

The Early Days


John Parello and Tirth Ghose implementing the first IP-enabled control policies for energy management using the network.  Apologies for the noise but this lab has high CFM cooling.

A Deeper Dive


Matt Laherty, co-creator of Cisco EnergyWise and technical editor for IP-Enabled Energy Management discusses the more technical and economic elements of the vision.  This video should be viewed by our readers.

A Snapshot


Rob Aldrich during GreenNET 2009 session break providing an update on developmental efforts at Cisco.

TechWise TV Episode 42


Rob Aldrich and John Parello describe early developments of Cisco EnergyWise with Rob Boyd and Jimmy Ray Purser of Techwise TV.



Head Geek at Solarwinds, Josh Stevens discusses the network management addition of energy usage to their user interface.  This interface uses EnergyWise as the protocol for monitoring IT asset energy use.

Data Center Efficiency

Portugal Telecom’s Green Data Center


An overview of PT’s new data center where Rob served as lead architect for energy efficient design across mechanical, electrical and spatial domains.  He also provided sustainability consulting and owners representation to Consulting Engineering firms involved in the design specification.

Cisco on Cisco Energy Efficient Data Center Design


As the lead architect and subject matter expert for energy efficiency and sustainability; Rob discusses the decisions, processes and technologies employed in building Cisco’s Greenest data center yet.

Efficiency Modeling


An introduction to Collaborative Infrastructure Modeling (CIM).  Open 3D-wiki style data center designs created using Google SketchUp.  This light modeling capability allows Facilities and IT departments to collaborate in 3D.

Efficiency Calculation


Developed for the Cisco Efficiency Assurance Program, the product efficiency calculator provides product efficiency curves for Cisco products.  This tool also allows you to estimate the greenhouse gas contributions of a network design.  This tool links to the US EPA’s Power Profiler.

Energy Services


An introduction and overview to Cisco’s Facilities & Energy Management Services practice.  Graphically goes through the service methodology used to balance system attributes across disparate architectures.


A marketing video produced to illustrate the capabilities of 3D modeling in the data center.  Cisco has opted to use SketchUp to convey design intent for data center architectures.

SketchUp Plugins


A good session going through how traditional architecture is being influenced by new web 2.0 3D tools.  For our data center modeling we often use the materials cost plugin for SketchUp.  This session discusses other plugins for building design.

Efficiency Assurance


An impromptu interview with Rob Aldrich at EMC World 2009.  Goes through Cisco’s approach to gathering user requirements for energy efficient data center solutions and the announcement of Cisco’s Efficiency Assurance Program.

Grid, Greenhouse Gas Reporting and More…

The Smart Grid Vision


A good high-level marketing video that shows the vision behind Cisco Smart Grid and EnergyWise.  This is a good video to share with executives who are unfamiliar with IP-Enabled Energy Management.

Small Business Basics


A brief discussion on some of the very basic steps smaller businesses can take to improve energy efficiency while reducing overall cost.  A good introduction to Green IT for those who are unfamiliar.

Emissions Mapping


A good overview of Purdue University’s Project Vulcan.  Interesting to see how energy usage as it relates to population densities and ultimately CO2 emissions. Rob worked with Project Vulcan in the preparation of his book.